Torre delle Arti Bellagio Association aims to be a cultural hub open to various artistic and cultural experiences, enhancing the historical and artistic heritage of the area and promoting different expressions of culture in its many forms.


Torre delle Arti Bellagio Association aims to promote various forms of Art by taking culture out of its temples, its exclusive rituals, and its private circles, bringing it into contact with the general public, and striving to combine accessibility with quality, local and universal dimensions, past and present.


If we want people to love culture, we must give them reasons to love it!


Throughout the year, various artistic events will take place, such as: exhibitions by local, national, and international artists, happenings, various seminars, small performances like theatrical pieces or poetry recitals, literary and/or artistic competitions, support and complementary exhibitions to competitions held at the local level, conferences, debates, symposiums and book presentations.


Collaboration will be promoted with various Entities, such as the Municipality of Bellagio and PromoBellagio, Private Individuals and Associations interested in our exhibition spaces, sponsoring the various activities planned.


The event calendar will continuously evolve and become an essential tool for the life of our hub.


We are confident that our efforts will yield excellent results that we can enjoy together, merging our natural beauties with the most diverse and refined artistic expressions.




Anita Colombo - President of TDAB

Sabrina Gaviglio - Vice President of TDAB

Beatrice Colombo - Secretary of TDAB


Valentina Barindelli

Giovanna Cranchi

Amanda Gimona

Mattia Mariani

Sandro Spinelli

Melissa Tombasz