The Tower of the Arts wants to be a cultural center open to different cultural and artistic experiences, enhancing the historical / artistic patrimony of the area and promoting the different expressionsof culture in its multiplicity of expressions.




Promote various forms of art making the culture exit from its temples, from its exclusive rituals and private clubs, bringing it to contrast with ordinary people, trying to combine accessibility and quality, local and universal dimension, past and present.


If we want people to love culture we have to give them a reason to love it.


During the year, various artistic events will follow such as exhibitions by local, national and international artists, happening, various kinds of seminaries, small performances as theatrical piece and recitals of poetry, literary competitions and /or artistical, support and completion exhibitions to the competitions held locally, conferences, debates, meetings, book presentations.


Will be promoted the cooperation between the "The Tower of Arts" and the various institutions, such as the city of Bellagio, the PromoBellagio, or privates and associations who will be interested in our exhibition spaces, sponsoring various activities in the programme.


The calendar of events in constant evolution, and will become an essential tool for the life of our center.